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Email Comments, Questions and Miscellaneous Share your opinion of the email service you're using. Post general email questions and discussions that don't fit elsewhere.

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Old 27 Feb 2024, 05:47 AM   #16
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Originally Posted by jeffpan View Post sucks, donít use it.
Use it sporadically. No problems so far.
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Originally Posted by jeffpan View Post
What I have long used and I felt they are reliable.
1. gmail
2. fastmail/pobox
5. Yahoo (though many ADs)
6. Proton (though slow access)

Not so reliable:
1. iCloud - silent filtering
2. Outlook - the same issue as iCloud
3. T-online - whitelist for incoming messages
4. Yandex - almost every message was identified as spam

Whatís your experience on using different mail?
I only use three off your list Jeff.

Gmail - I have had issues with mailing list not accepting Gmail addresses.

Yahoo - Yes, a lot of ads. I don't see them except when using the browser interface (rarely) or using the app, always at least one or more ads. Normall usage is via an email client with POP3. To many (one is to many) legit emails a filtered to Spam. I use the app to check and move them back to the Inbox. That "Not Spam" option does not work.

Outlook - Yes, silent filtering. I use the app to check, Junk will show 0, yet clicking on Junk show emails in there, I move the back to the Inbox. Same as Yahoo, marking not Junk does not work. Not dependable, I've had many rejections using Hotmail addresses.

I use the version, dependable, don't use it much.
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Originally Posted by TenFour View Post
My lists:
Reliable: Gmail, Purelymail, (though the spam filtering is unreliable), DuckDuckGo (email aliases and forwarding), iCloud, Onmail, Vivaldi

Fastmail and, in both cases I hit problems getting a domain hooked up knocking me out of email at those domains for more than a week, and with poor and slow customer service response. They also seem to have more temporary outages than most.
Skiff-now gone, but some minor glitches that made me wonder what other glitches lurked.
MXRoute-worst cs in the business

Not sure: Many I have tried briefly, but not long enough to determine whether or not they were reliable
can you please give more details what are the problems with mxroute?
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