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This forum is for posting anything (excluding topics prohibited by the forum rules) that's unrelated to email. General discussions, in other words.

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I saw the eclipse in Texas and in various other places along the path of totality in NASA TV. I guess it's nothing like the real thing. I witnessed an annular eclipse sometime in the previous century, but I guess it's not the same. It seems the the real thing is having day turn into night within a couple of minutes and then night turn into day, and also seeing dawn 360° around you. We planned to visit Canada for the eclipse, but my younger son couldn't get a leave of absence, so we didn't go.

About clouds: several years ago we visited Iceland for two weeks. One thing we wanted to see in that visit is the Aurora Borealis (the northern lights). It doesn't come every day, and it was cloudy most of the time so even when it came we could hardly see anything. eventually on the second week we got two nights with reasonably nice light. But on the last night we got the most amazing show: we spent about 3 hours in the freezing night watching green curtains of light all over the sky, and then, when we thought it's enough and time to sleep because we had another day and a long drive to the airport the next day, just as I was about to enter the building, I looked up and saw a huge pink dragon diving at me from the sky: something out of this world.
That night I felt really good!
A few days earlier on that trip was another "feel awfully good" experience: we went whale watching. The company doesn't promise meeting whales on every trip. They say that most of the times they do get to find a group of 3 or 4 whales, but there are days they don't find any whales. We were extremely lucky: when we got to the spot were the whales are most likely to hang out, there was something like 30 whales in groups of 3 or 4, and of course the whales came to watch us, so they got pretty close to the boat. The guide said she has never seen so many whales in one spot. And it's her job: every day she goes whale watching. So that was another awesome experience, and I feel good every time I have a recollection of those minutes of being surrounded by whales.
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We didnt see anything here......... It got cloudy and slightly darker for a couple mins...
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