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Originally Posted by FredOnline View Post
There's nothing to stop you opening an additional Google account, is there?

I luckily have access to a few Google Legacy (Grandfathered) accounts - one of them a 50 user account - so I've no shortage of available online storage.

Saying that, I tend NOT to store all my precious photos online - I've got local backups for photos taken with my cameras, and use the online storage for the photos taken on my 'phone.
Yeah one could open additional Google accounts, but it's not optimal (which account was that image on?!)

Mostly it's my phone photos which go up online. I'm definitely working on a solution that works for me though.

I've been trying out PhotoSync, which will sync my phone photos to my PC. The pc has to be on for this to happen. I guess if I like this, I need to figure out a secondary backup method (what if something happens to the drive). I guess I don't like paying any service, other than my email, because I'm not working and it's just money out the window if I can find another solution.

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