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I have some additional time to think about it since I am using a Pixel 4a with unlimited uploads at High Quality. I may get a Pixel 5 this fall when the new phones get announced and the old phones get discounted, which would further extend the time. In addition, I periodically download all my original photos and store them locally on a couple of PCs and on a couple of portable hard drives. I have investigated most of the other services and in every case the cost would be either the same or higher than using Google Photos, which has superior functionality. I think the best option for most people is to subscribe to Google One and also gain actual customer service that can help you recover your account when something goes wrong. That alone is worth more than the price of the lowest tier of Google One. I rely on storing everything in the cloud due to not having a consistent year-round living place where I can easily manage PCs, hard drives, servers, etc. My offline backups can only be done sporadically, and sometimes not for months at a time. Also, I highly value the ability to lose my phone, have my PC break or be stolen, or suffer a house fire and know that all of my most important data is safely and easily available. It is great to simply purchase a new phone or PC, log into Google, and there everything is safe and sound and useful.
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