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Google Photos

So, you all probably know that Google Photos won't be uploading your images for free anymore. Once you hit that 15 gb limit, you have to pay up or delete stuff.

There are many articles about this. I was wondering what others here will do.

Some of the better suggestions, IMO:
1. Go old school. Start manually saving your stuff off your phone regulary to an external drive (very cheap nowadays) and keep a backup or two of that (one in an offsite place or the Cloud, if possible). Because we do have to manage and keep other files safe anyway, going old school is a great way of keeping your photos. You can use any software to manage and view them. Cons: yep it's more of a pain to share, but you have control over your photos. You can also load them onto a media server at home and have access and share them that way.

2. Build your own web server...I think this is could be a good way - you can use sync tools and copy images up to your server, and it's all managed by you and is cost effective. The only issues are: difficult to build for non-technical folks, and difficult to manage (can get attacked and how will you manage that?)

3. Just out and out pay Google for their continued storage of your photos. Do you think this is a good plan?

4. Pay for some other service (Flickr and others)

Some of the less dependable suggestions, IMO:
Microsoft's services - I've found if you don't login to Microsoft's services for a long time, your stuff can poof. Mine has on two occasions. This isn't to be relied upon unless you login regularly and will always do so.

Amazon - if you have Prime, upload all the photos you want! The problem is, if you leave Prime, I have read that your photos account will be locked, then deleted after some time of not paying. I'm not sure one way or the other about this, but I opt on the side of caution.
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