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Originally Posted by jennis View Post
I have having trouble defining different personalities (aliases) in OS X Mail where each email address has a different Name.
I use OS X Leopard.
(I am currently using Thunderbird as it works well with differnt aliases)
Originally Posted by sjk View Post
Workaround: use leon's applescripts. They're still functional with Mail at least up to 10.4.11; haven't tried 'em on Leopard. Even with some minor quirks they've been acceptable for infrequent use.
Originally Posted by Sonic Purity View Post
Believe me, working out this tacky workaround was a last-ditch effort to make Mail usable for me.
leon's scripts did not work for me, when I tried them on leopard os x

As sjk said, dummy accounts is a cumbersome workaround, and is against the basic principle of what email technically should be.

There is a route. Works exactly how multiple identities should and always have been in I've been using it since Tiger Mail, and currently have it on Leopard.

Setting it up takes a bit of time. It involves editing your file to input mail aliases. If you have not edited plists before, I recommend using PlistEditPro (free).

For the sake of continuity, I'll give the PlistEditPro steps here.
a) Close Make a backup of your file by copying it to the desktop or something.
b) Open in PlistEditPro
(If you're not familiar with the property lists, do not modify anything else, except for those here below).
c) Scroll down to mail accounts, and navigate open.
d) You may have 0, 1, 2, etc.. depending on how many mail accounts you have set up. 0 is the local account. Navigate open the main mail account that you primarily use. (scroll down to user name and host name to identify which account it is).
e) Single click on email addresses and then click on NEW SIBLING.
f) Give the name: EmailAliases, and choose class Array
g) Then single click on EmailAliases, and then click on NEW CHILD.
h) Give the name 0, and choose class as Dictionary
i) Single click on 0, and then click on NEW CHILD.
j) Give the name: alias, leave class as String, and give value as the email of the identity you would like, eg: [email protected]
k) Again single click on 0, and then click on NEW CHILD.
l) Give the name: name, leave class as String, and give value as the name you would like to be when sending out, eg: John Doe
m) Now you can single click on 0, copy and paste there itself (apple-c and apple-v), and you get a second alias automatically set up.
n) Modify it to what you'd like, etc..
o) Dont forget to save once you're done, or you wont see any changes. Say yes to replace.
p) Open Everything will be as before. Click on new message, You get the option to choose from the identities you just created.

Hope this helps.
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