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Question Email provider(s) with LifeTime plans/subscriptions?

Hi, Everyone ,

I'm seeking for reliable/trusted e-mail (WebMail) provider(s) offering LifeTime plans/subscriptions (one-time payment ). Can someone of you think of any? I'd really appreciate your answer .

Of course, the more features they provide the better, but the key ones I fundamentally need are:
- LifeTime plan/subscription (one-time payment)
- 1 GB of storage at least (again, the more the better for sure)
- web-access
- POP/POP3 (that I prefer over IMAP)
- auto-forwarding + filters (rules)
not too strict or (preferably) no message/bandwidth/etc. quotas
- not too strict email attachment size limits: 20+ MB would be fine, 30+ - perfect; no email attachments number limit
- not too strict other restrictions (such as number of To:, CC:, BCC: recipients, etc.)

Aliases or at least plus-addressing (or, even better, both) would certainly be quite some advantage for me.

Could anyone assist with this please as I've tired of searching the Internet for no avail? I'd really appreciate any help.
NOTE: I need this not for generating something like a bulk mailing and especially not for originating any kind of junk/spam (definitely not!).

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