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Well, I may go for that one if the pricing is reasonable. I luckily already have a .com name to promote my artwork, but if the pricing is reasonable I'd register the .art variant too. Only if pricing is OK ; after all .com will still be king for the forseeable future so I already got the domain I really needed. The .art version of it would be a bonus.

I know Wikipedia isn't Always reliable but here's an (incomplete?) list of the new TLD's.

I see some potential but it will take a while for people to get used to these:
.academy (no restrictions apparently, unlike the .edu domains)
.college (idem dito)
.university (idem dito)
.voyage (no restrictions apparently, unlike .travel)

It will take a while to get accustomed to them though. Also, while I see potential in the above ones, the risk exists that the .edu domains will lose some of their value due to the new unrestricted academy-esque domains. Idem dito with the numerous adult site extentions ; 1 such extention would have been sufficient. The number of extentions for singles/dating and for real estate is quite high too ; 1 extention for each of those would have been sufficient.

There's some weird ones where I really don't see how they will possibly get any popularity.

.cancerresearch (too long ... something like .med for "medical" would have been more suitable)
.kim (are we going to create a gTLD for every somewhat common name while we already have .name and .me ?)
.ninja (what's the point in this one?)
.pizza (if we need a gTLD for every type of food the list of new extentions will be endless)
.sücks (I don't think the world needs hate sites and thus such sites shouldn't be encouraged)
.qpon (would stand for "coupon" but I don't see this misspelling work + there's already .gift and .gifts as well)
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