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The "e" in e-mail
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If it's not highly unlikely that anyone else would have the same first name and last name as yours' I guess there's nothing to worry about and not much you can do. Of course identity theft happens, but in most cases you need a lot more than just the same name and email address, and someone engaged in identity theft would not alert you by using your email address.
I have some old addresses in gmail and hotmail based on my last name and initial (like my username here) and over time I received quite a lot of mail belonging to to other people that used my addresses to sign up for services. I got lots of bills belonging to other people: cellphone, cable tv, parking. I also received once a detailed psychological evaluation of someone else's child.
I also had two different people sign up to twitter and also to some forums with my email address, and then setup alerts for everything that happens there. In these two cases I tried to stop the alerts by unsubscribing' but the subscriptions were renewed. So eventually I had to request a password reset and take over the account (and remove all other means of accessing the account), and that stopped the nuisance.
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