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Have you tried Fastmail? It's a full featured well established paid email service with a sub-forum here at EMD:

Fastmail offers:
  • You can use your own domain with a Standard or Professional level account. See the three account levels here:
    You can also host your domain DNS records at Fastmail at no additional cost with such an account. This makes it easy to use DKIM and SPF for your domain and control your DNS records from the Fastmail website.
  • You can access your mail using a web interface on a desktop PC, a mobile iOS or Android app, or an IMAP email client of your choice. The Fastmail desktop and mobile access has many nice features, such as very fast advanced search through large email stores. For example, it just took me about 2 seconds to search and get a list of all 408 emails I have received from an uncle over the past 14 years. The search was over all of my account, which contains 17.2 GB of emails.
  • You get an integrated Calendar, which can synchronize with other calendars and send you reminders.
  • The Contacts feature lets you sort your contacts in folders.
  • The Files feature keeps online storage of files in the cloud, including photos. You can set up web links to any file at a Fastmail domain or your personal domain.
  • The Notes feature is a notepad which can be synchronized with the iOS notepad.
  • Fastmail has extensive user controlled rules and filters on incoming messages.
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