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Urgent - is this from fastmail or from a hacker

Today I received an e mail into my spam folder entitled:

Last Notice : Complete Your [email protected] Email Address Verification To Avoid Termination

The text is:

> Dear [email protected],


> Due to rampant identity theft , we had to issue this warning and put some extra verification process to ensure your identity and your Email Account .


> We're also writing to let you know that incoming message will not be allowed to come to this email until you complete the verification process.


> Please Click Here <> in order to update and verify your Email Account .


> Failure to update and verify your email account would lead to termination of your Email .

> c 2020 Fastmail

???? Is this from fastmail ????

I have not previously been asked to do two phase verification.
Why did this go to spam if it was fastmail
why the threat to terminate my email

I am suspicious. Is this genuinely from fastmail or is it a trick from some hacker.
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