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I don’t understand why you are still so worried. It’s very easy (see my two earlier posts for the details):
  • Create a Google account. You can choose to verify your identity using a message sent to a Gmail or any other email account.
  • Read the Google terms of service and set the visibility you want to allow for use of this Google account.
It’s very simple. No “Google branded account” needed. Have you followed the link at my first post and set up your new Google account? I did that within 20 minutes of your initial post. That new Google account will be tied to the email address and name you used when you set it up. If you are using the new Google account on the same PC as where you use an existing Gmail account, you need to be careful with which Google account you are using for your activities. I believe that after logging out of all Google accounts, the initial Google account you use (use as Gmail) will become the primary Google account for activities until you log out of all Google accounts and start again.

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