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Originally Posted by Tsunami View Post
Thanks for the info!

When signing up (regardless if it's with a Gmail address or other address), how do you choose your username that appears when you post a comment? My biggest fear is that my email address would be exposed/visable, so I want to avoid that at all costs ; I don't mind using my real name or pseudonym, as long as it's not my email address. How do you set your moniker that appears when you make a coment on a video (or when you post a video yourself)?
My gmail account email is never display to anyone using YouTube or Google for that matter.

If you have a Gmail account, you have a Google account and intern can create a YouTube channel under your main account with a different name.

When I look at my channel for my account there are two shown. One is shown as owner account, no channel. The other is shown as chrisretusn, number of subscribers, no public videos. There is also an option to create another channel, under another name of my choosing.

This my help:

I use what is called a branded account, a different name than the one used with my Google account.
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