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I have been a YouTube user since 2006. Your email address is not publicly shown. I regularly comment on channels I follow ((280+) and some I don't follow.

From your channel page, customize channel, on your About page you can optionally add a business address. When you do it is still hidden to prevent harvesting. If someone who wants to contact you via that email address they have to click "VIEW EMAIL ADDRESS" and go through a captcha process before it is viewable. If you put no address, nothing shows.

Today I uploaded a video for the first time just to test out. I set it unlisted. If your interested you can view it in the link below. You can click my name (same as the forum) and see what info you can see. My About page doesn't have much on it.

This channel is under my main Google account. This is my alias YouTube account. If you already have a Google account, you create a new YouTube account of that.

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