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This is odd. I suspect something bad at Comcast. That second hop timeout is actually nothing to worry about. It probably just means that particular bit of networking kit is not configured to respond to ICMP requests. Since the next hop shows fast and consistent response times, I do not think hop 2 is bad. Did you try rerunning the TRACERT several times? If you sometimes see a timeout on other hops, then there is probably an overload condition somewhere causing lost packets. Otherwise, based on the latency and short network path between you and FM, you should be seeing faster response than Pingdom!

I think the most likely culprit is Notice the increased latency compared to and (more significant) the variability in response times. I suspect this hop is overloaded. The symptom, when running TRACERT multiple times, will be sporadic timeouts at hop 5 or later hops. Also, try a command like "PING -n 20" and see if that shows timeouts/extreme variability in response times. Have you noticed slowness on any other sites? If you can gather a little more evidence of trouble on, you could contact Comcast and ask them to investigate.

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