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Originally Posted by markhd View Post
I've been using Fastmail Webmail the past several days, and I'm finding it excruciatingly slow. Just doing the common task of clicking on "back to inbox" or "back to search results" takes at least 5 seconds, and often quite a bit longer. It's driving me up a wall. I know my inbox is big. Is that the major factor? Is Fastmail's webmail just not able to scale such that it gives reasonable performance with a large inbox? Or are servers just getting bogged down lately? I don't see anything about this on the status page, so I'd thought I'd check. This is really excruciating to use, borderline unusable for me now.
Fastmail may suffer from certain deficiencies, but performance of the webmail interface is not one of them. No matter the size of your inbox, a regular delay of five seconds when returning to the mailbox is too long and suggests a problem somewhere in the network link between your computer and Fastmail. The Pingdom report ( shows a consistent response time of about 0.6 seconds all day almost every day.

As a first step in tracking this down, I would suggest you try the command 'TRACERT' and see if there is an obvious performance bottleneck on one of he hops between you and FM. If you are using Windows, it may also be of value to run the diagnostic program FastTest (download link) and see if this can identify the source of the problem. Sometimes, it is something as simple as the network routing tables used by your ISP.
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