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mosesthemoth 30 Jul 2021 07:50 AM

How to sync tasks with Fastmail?
I know that the Fastmail client doesn't include a task manager, but as I understand it it should still be possible to sync tasks via CalDav if you use a third-party client like Thunderbird.

Unfortunately I can't figure out how to do this so I'm looking for some help!

I have added a calendar to Thunderbird using the "export" link from Fastmail, and it's working fine for regular calendar events. However I can't add any tasks - if I open the dialogue to add a task Thunderbird does not show my Fastmail calendar under the "Calendar" dropdown.

Does anyone know how I can get this to work?

Thanks in advance for your help.

jhollington 1 Aug 2021 05:48 AM

CalDAV calendars have a "component type" flag that determines what data is stored in them, and since Fastmail doesn't have a task manager, the calendars that are created in the Fastmail web interface are designed to handle events and not tasks.

That said, since Fastmail's CalDAV implementation adheres to proper RFC standards, it does allow you to create "calendars" that contain tasks — you just can't do it from the Fastmail web interface.

In my case, I was able to get both Fantastical and Apple Reminders to play nice with CalDAV tasks in Fastmail by making sure that I create the "calendar' in those apps, since it needs to be flagged as a "tasks" list as opposed to a calendar. I haven't tried this in Thunderbird, but I assume the same would apply — just create a new CalDAV task list in Thunderbird, and it should sync up to Fastmail just fine.

These lists won't show up anywhere in the Fastmail web interface, but they should sync just fine between all of your devices via CalDAV.

You won't likely be able to mix calendar events and tasks in the same calendar, but since Fastmail indexes event calendars and tasks calendars separately, you can give them the same name without any problems — although again, I'm not sure how this would be handled in Thunderbird. As separate apps, Apple's Calendar and Reminders have no problems with this, but it works fine in Fantastical as well, since they're handled separately there also.

mosesthemoth 1 Aug 2021 07:20 AM

Thanks a lot for the detailed reply.

When creating a CalDAV calendar in Thunderbird I'm asked to enter the location of the calendar, but I'm not sure what to put here.

When adding a calendar that I had already created within Fastmail I use the "Export" button under "Calendars" which gave me the URL for the specific calendar. But what URL do I use if I want to create the calendar from Thunderbird?

jhollington 4 Aug 2021 08:43 AM

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Thunderbird mail supports a general CalDAV login, so there's no way to create calendars FROM Thunderbird to a CalDAV server —*it only lets you link to calendars that are already there.

Since Fastmail doesn't support tasks, it won't allow you to create a CalDAV tasks calendar in the web UI. This means that you'd need to look for another app that could create this calendar for you via CalDAV on Fastmail's servers, and then somehow get the CalDAV URL so that you could enter it into Thunderbird.

Sadly, the process is about as convoluted as it sounds. There are Thunderbird extensions like TbSync (with the CalDAV add-on) that might help, but I haven't personally tried any of them as I don't use Thunderbird.

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