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rscaramelo 27 Apr 2020 11:22 PM

looking again.....advice needed

I thought I settled on the right email service however I am having issues right off the bat and am looking again. I have been using mainly because it has a couple of nice bells and whistles I like - simple office suite and disposable addresses. It isn't playing nice with my iphone and ipad. It is constantly telling me my name or password is wrong when trying to send. This is a common issue somehow. I searched and found about a half dozen threads on their service forum and couldn't find much help from their people and I didn't find a solution. I am not going to mess around for days waiting.

Are there any suggestions here for an alternative? I would be ok with a regular email only option if you could suggest someplace where I could do some light office stuff as long as it was online and not google/outlook. I use my own domain with alias'.


n5bb 29 Apr 2020 12:34 PM

Have you tried Fastmail? It's a full featured well established paid email service with a sub-forum here at EMD:

Fastmail offers:
  • You can use your own domain with a Standard or Professional level account. See the three account levels here:
    You can also host your domain DNS records at Fastmail at no additional cost with such an account. This makes it easy to use DKIM and SPF for your domain and control your DNS records from the Fastmail website.
  • You can access your mail using a web interface on a desktop PC, a mobile iOS or Android app, or an IMAP email client of your choice. The Fastmail desktop and mobile access has many nice features, such as very fast advanced search through large email stores. For example, it just took me about 2 seconds to search and get a list of all 408 emails I have received from an uncle over the past 14 years. The search was over all of my account, which contains 17.2 GB of emails.
  • You get an integrated Calendar, which can synchronize with other calendars and send you reminders.
  • The Contacts feature lets you sort your contacts in folders.
  • The Files feature keeps online storage of files in the cloud, including photos. You can set up web links to any file at a Fastmail domain or your personal domain.
  • The Notes feature is a notepad which can be synchronized with the iOS notepad.
  • Fastmail has extensive user controlled rules and filters on incoming messages.

TenFour 12 May 2020 07:26 PM

I've tried some of the other online office systems and IMHO the only viable options are Google's G Suite and Microsoft's Office online. Both are used by many millions of people and therefore tend to actually work, can create and edit documents in the major formats, and can download and upload reliably. Zoho might be an option, though in my experience and many other online commenters they are not always the most reliable, consistent, and don't always have the best customer service. Microsoft Business Basic costs $60 a year with 50GB of email storage and 1TB of OneDrive storage. Integrated calendar, contacts, online office applications, etc. Business grade, so you have real customer service and no ads in the applications. It depends on how much of an online suite you need. I've discovered that I use the online apps a lot more than I originally thought I would, and they need to work perfectly to edit whatever I use day-to-day on the desktop.

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