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Old 22 Aug 2002, 03:27 AM   #91
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Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: Heart Of Dixie
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I really enjoy using Fastmail

I have been using Fastmail as a paid subscriber for just a week or so, and prior to that, used the free version, until I got a "feel" for how well it ran. I love being able to get my Fastmail anywhere, and as was stated in an earlier post, there is an active community of Fastmail users, and Rob and Jeremy, though I have yet to see them via picture, are very responsive to the needs of this email community. Fastmail is indeed that, fast, and is a nice email provider. The ride of Free email accounts is coming to an end, and this is the beginning of a trend. Fastmail offers many options and services and at a very reasonable price...thank you, Fastmail, and the Fastmail team.
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Old 5 Sep 2002, 03:00 PM   #92
The "e" in e-mail
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Thumbs up

Well, what can I say! I got my fastmail account a few months ago, but never paid much attention to it at first, that is, until, I received the 7-day notice. I decided to go check it out. And it turned out to be one of the best... no, no, absolutely THE BEST email service I've ever used. I used to use Yahoo Mail, and I won't badmouth it; it served my need well. But I was mad at Yahoo for starting to charge for POP access, and was looking for an alternative. And so I found fastmail. Free IMAP access, and whole bunch of other features. It's also extremely FAST. Fastmail is very comprehensive, and unlike many other "free" providers does not offer you what it can't deliver. The membership levels are very appropriate, and this business model of theirs alone will keep them shielded from the "dot-com bubble burst". I used the "Guest" account for a while, and didn't need anything more than that. But I loved the additional features that come with a "Member" level account with just a one-time fee of $14.95. Also I felt that this money would be well spent to help the good (what am I saying... GREAT) people behind this service, who I can't thank enough. So, there's the latest (da da da dum..), I upgraded to "Member" (I am a college student, so that's the best I can do at the moment). GO FASTMAIL!!
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Old 10 Sep 2002, 10:40 AM   #93
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Cool Pics

There are pictures of our illustrious Fastmail creators here at the forum! Try looking for the Post your pictures here thread. I believe it is in the Off Topic Lounge.

What can I say, when you have an outstanding product and service, the people will come and tell their friends. I told one of my Computer Instructors about FastMail, he took a quick look and signed up for a full account on the spot! That really says something, because he is a tough sell. He has thanked me for recommending the site to him!

I spread the word in my little corner of the world!
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Old 10 Sep 2002, 10:52 AM   #94
The "e" in e-mail
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Re: Pics

Originally posted by admiralu
Try looking for the Post your pictures here thread. I believe it is in the Off Topic Lounge.
Not quite — it's in 'About This Site', and is a sticky thread so you can't miss it...
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Old 10 Sep 2002, 10:25 PM   #95
The "e" in e-mail
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Location: The Netherlands
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Is it just me...

Or are the pics no longer working due to being moved somewhere else on the server? I was so looking forward to seeing Rob, Jeremy & Kirill, but none of them worked anymore

Or I'm doing something wrong...
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Old 20 Sep 2002, 10:56 PM   #96
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Location: Big Lake, MN, USA
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Hi, my name's Berta. My account is maybe an hour old, but HEY! I know a good thing when I see it. I'm going to be upgrading as soon as is humanly possible, and have already posted my recommendations of this service in two other forums (business).

Go Jeremy and Rob!
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Old 25 Sep 2002, 06:18 AM   #97
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Colorado
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Switched from .mac

I switched from .mac about 3 weeks ago. The detailed instructions on setting up IMAP access for Outlook Express on a Mac was the initial "hook" that got me to try FastMail. Tried a guest account for a few days and quickly realized that FastMail offered a far superior service so I made it my primary personal email account. (Thanks Apple for pushing me out the door to explore the alternatives! FYI, starting October 1, 2002 you must have a paid .mac account at $99.95/year grandfathered at $49.95 the first year.) The $14.95 one-time fee for a lifetime member-level account seemed a no brainer to get the additional 6 MB of storage (for a total of 16 MB), remove the taglines from sent messages, remove the ads in the web interface and get my own subdomain. I think this last feature is going to prove to be invaluable. When I switched all of my online listings (Amazon, eBay, Schwab, etc.) to FastMail, I registered as "" and I will use the subdomain for all future online registrations. Now I will be able to easily set up filters to control spam. Thank you FastMail!

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Old 26 Sep 2002, 10:33 PM   #98
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Signed up specifically for spam-filtering - very happy!!

Let me add my 2cents worth.
I signed up for only one reason: server-side spam management.
I am now forwarding email from my primary account to Fastmail and it is successfully killing all spam messages.

The best thing about it though is the configurabilty of the Rules.
One reason I was hesitant about server-side filtering was losing mail to false-positives. But because Spamassasin simply assigns a score to the message header of the mail - I can then decide what I want to do with the message from there.

I am still sending mail from my primary address and transparently pulling it down to Outlook via fastmail (minus the spam!).
Trust me - if you have a spam problem - check out Fastmail.
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Old 2 Oct 2002, 05:01 AM   #99
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Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: Seattle, WA
Posts: 17
Thumbs up Fastmail Convert

Fastmail is awesome! Like most folks, I've spent my time slumming among the advertisements at the free e-mail sites like yahoo, hotmail, and excite. For more than a year, I was a happy Onebox user, until Onebox got bought out, became a pay site, and then started delivering an inferior product and poor customer service to their paying customers. The upside of my awful Onebox experience is that it forced me to look for a new e-mail provider, and that led me, through this forum, to fastmail.

E-mail is such an integral part of our lives, it makes sense to have a service that's simple yet robust, i.e., it does all the important things just right. It should allow you to transfer information easily between all of your work and home accounts rather than attempt to isolate you into a proprietary corner. It should offer protection from spammers. It should not hurt your eyes or annoy the heck out of you with animated advertisements. It should have a flexible address book that allows you to capture addresses easily from those who send you mail. It should have great customer service for emergencies (and these days, loss of e-mail is like loss of telephone service). And really, the very best services should be web-based for access from work and home and worldwide.

I am so happy with fastmail that I feel fortunate that frustration with Onebox forced me into making the switch. I'm a FULL member at fastmail and feel that the cost is absolutely worth it. I've noticed that the fastmail enhancements are actually enhancements, i.e., they are only added so long as they don't sacrifice speedy, quality service. I sincerely hope fastmail will continue to survive and thrive based on their commitment to users . . . and I encourage anyone and everyone to try fastmail, and then support it with your dollars so it doesn't end up as the add-on service to a huge corporate portal site. E-mail is now our communication link with the world. It's worth paying a reasonable fee so that that lifeline is not cluttered with useless junk.

Go fastmail! (And please, fastmail developers, just say "no" to a huge corporate buy-out!)
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Old 16 Oct 2002, 11:52 PM   #100
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Hi Rob,

Well, what can I say, but a big "THANK YOU!!" for personally helping with my email accounts.

Folks, after looking high and low and trying many providers for the best email account to use, just seems to be the best email system on earth. And when an owner of the service is willing to personally help, then it is a testimony to the straightforward honesty and upright business ethic of the service.

Thanks again.


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Old 24 Oct 2002, 05:16 AM   #101
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Making the World (Wide Web) a Better Place...

3 words - "why not sooner?". FastMail takes all that is good and grand from other e-mail providers and incorporates it all in to one neat, exemplary package... with a ribbon... and a bow.

Oh what an impatient world we live in. FastMail is one of the few service providers that have caught on to this and *actaully* done something about it.

And where would one be without the Bouce function? Crawling around on the floor in a manic fit I should imagine. Long-term users of spam-infested Hotmail will sympathise.

The difference between FastMail and everyone else? FastMail actually seem to CARE about us, the users. It's comprehensive and offers great consideration to users; the 'Last login' information for example.

Why anybody would choose another e-mail provider over FastMail is beyond me. It is THE best. I kid you not. But guys... What took you so long??
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Old 27 Oct 2002, 05:11 AM   #102
Cornerstone of the Community
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Location: California
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Just a short thank you!

I finally signed up as a Member (sorry I missed the special a few months ago but I wasn't ready then) several weeks ago.

More space and bandwidth suits me fine. I get newsletters that I have a hard time throwing away and needed the space.

Changing the looks to suit my changing moods is great, too.

Keep up the great work!

BTW, this is the *only* webmail service I've purchased.
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Old 3 Nov 2002, 02:17 PM   #103
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Join Date: May 2002
Posts: 196
An email service that can't be beat

My two cents:

I've been using for several months and could not be any happier. Not once have I ever been disappointed with the service.

The email servers are are incredibly fast (hence the name, and the features offered are more than I could ever want. The spam filters have done a truly amazing job of filtering out most of my junk email, which was something I thought would never be possible. No longer do I dread checking my email for fear of being bombarded with ads for gambling, "personal" aids (I think you know what I really mean), debt management, money opportunities, etc. etc. etc.

The degree of customer support offered by the folks is something I've never heard of before. Not only do they respond to people's requests for help, but they also attempt to modify the service to suit members' needs. Where else can you get such fabulous service?

I'd post any negative comments about the service here, but I honestly can't think of any. I've never had a negative experience with, and I don't expect I ever will.
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Old 13 Nov 2002, 04:31 AM   #104
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I've been using Fastmail for a few months now and I couldn't be happier. Their email server is extremely fast and easy to use. Very customizable as well. The poll option has to be one of my favorites, as well as the Bounce feature.

I've used, and tons of other free to $10/year email services in the past, but none of them even come close to

I highly recommend them. Top quality service.

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Old 15 Nov 2002, 04:28 AM   #105
The "e" in e-mail
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Cool Power User perspective

[Update, May 2003:
Check out the FastMail Wiki for a good feel for how FastMail is currently operating. The service is still solid, but both the planned and suggested but unplanned enhancements have not been occurring.]

Hi. As you can see, I've been quite active on this forum! I've been customer since late 2001 and a paying customer (Full) since March 2002. I'm a computer guru, and I remain profoundly impressed by Jeremy and Rob's service. It seems I haven't posted to this thread yet though!

The basic concept and design is excellent, and the level of support is unparalleled. We've all been through the kind of support where every issue is answered by the same cookbook solution - e.g. re-install, flush your browser cache, use the supported browser/client, re-enter your entire configuration. FM support isn't like that. They diagnose the problem and provide the solution. With all the important extra features they've added that appeal to power users (aliases, spam filtering, Sieve scripts, virus checking, SSL, sharing, etc) and people like me who make use of these advanced features, little problems come up. They fix them.

Since I'm a power user, I frequently point out gotchas that might be seen as complaints/flaws that reflect badly on FM, and interact with the webmasters regularly. With other services, I wouldn't even bother mentioning them, I'd just work around them, knowing they'd never be fixed. Here, the basic service is rock-solid, and FM is way more than a bunch of open source sofware cobbled together, but rather a well-thought out and well-designed comprehensive whole. I recommend FM unreservedly.

Update July '03. An example of FM's owners' generosity here

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