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FastMail Forum All posts relating to FastMail.FM should go here: suggestions, comments, requests for help, complaints, technical issues etc.

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Old 24 May 2002, 08:12 AM   #76
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Moderator: There's an active topic on that subject here:

Please help to keep things on topic by posting about this there.
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Old 26 May 2002, 06:26 AM   #77
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Thumbs up The "Perfect" E-mail for Me

Ok, here's another testimonial....and since this is my first time in this forum, nobody can accuse me of being a "plant"

I had switched free e-mails from Juno to Yahoo because - since my old job had me travelling a lot, I liked being able to check my e-mail on the road. I also liked Yahoo's POP access - it was cool to be able to download my e-mail, read offline, compose, and resend. When Yahoo! announced that it was discontinuing its POP access, I tried composing/responding online, but I hated spending time online. Plus, I have tons of e-mail addresses, and wanted to begin consolidating.

I actually found out about Freemail through the E-mailaddressesdotcom web site, and was tempted, but fought the temptation. Luckily, however, I signed on, and found that the web interface was, well, simple - took a little getting used to, but could navigate easily. IMAP took some getting used to, but luckily, since I use Calypso, I could get the same features that I had in Yahoo! (Plus, download times are *much* faster than Yahoo! POP)

Eventually, I broke down and purchased the $15 Member, mostly for the extra storage space. However, the cool thing is that if you need only a small amount of space, you can purchase it. If you need extra bandwidth, you can purchase *that* as well. It's almost like making your own e-mail service.

I am so grateful, and gradually, I'm switching everything over to my new fastmail address. (I'll still use Yahoo! for lists and for people who forward me annoying virus updates ). Thanks, Fastmail, for providing an excellent service!
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Old 31 May 2002, 04:02 AM   #78
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Thumbs up Thanks again Fastmail!

Thanks again Fastmail!
A friend of mine had to ship me a file (over 5 megs!). My ex-Yahoo account refused it so I told him to ship it to my Fastmail account & it worked!
- p.s. can we hope to have a feature which can tell how much space is taken in various folders?
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Old 31 May 2002, 04:07 AM   #79
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It's already there. Options > Resource usage > Mailbox usages by folder.
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Old 20 Jun 2002, 11:36 PM   #80
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Smile Fastmail is better than sliced bread

I've had a lifetime of experiences disappointing software and technical support from other email services. I am absolutely delighted to have found Fastmail, with it's straightforward interface, reliable service, and wonderful tech support.

The user groups are wonderful, but I'm totally surprised when Jeremy & Rob jump in to solve problems. (My only problems have been with the client software, not Fastmail, but they still offered their help) I don't know how they do it.

They have earned my loyalty and my upgrade to a paid membership. Thanks guys!
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Old 26 Jun 2002, 09:16 PM   #81
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Best Email Service Around!

After suffering the likes of Hotmail and Yahoo! I finally found It is easily the best service I have come across and have now consildated to Fastmail as my main account. This truly is a great service and is the only one I have found to be worth paying for!

Keep up the good work!
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Old 28 Jun 2002, 07:39 AM   #82
The "e" in e-mail
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Thumbs up And yet another testimonial

Stop it! Stop making fastmail any better. I can't take it anymore. I wasted a lot of time at Hotmail, Yahoomail and Nameplanet but Fastmail beats all of them easily. I am a poweruser, I enjoy zillions of functional buttons as long as they're in a logical place.

I hate hotmail because of the incredible amounts of spam and their lousy customer support. I love fastmail because of the custom filter and the Human Support (you people actually give a human reply, not some Webdrone Copy & Paste message). I hate yahoo because of the interface. I love fastmail because of it's no-nonsense interface. I hate nameplanet because of it's slowness. I love Fastmail because it puts the fast in Fastmail.

Just wanted to let you know that you people really should stop making it better, or else MS will start sueing you for being better than them and thus driving customers away from their crappy Hotmail...
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Old 11 Jul 2002, 12:44 AM   #83
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Wink From Exchange 2000 to FastMail

Hi all,

Righty - I got my new FastMail account yesterday. And I am very impressed.

Let's give you a lil background - I'm the Head of Web Development for an internet firm in London, so I know my internet and email. I spend all day emailing - if my clients can't get through to me on email it's very VERY dull.

Business email goes on POP3, I also have my own personal POP3 email and my own domain name ( registered through which is setup to point to my own Exchange 2000 Account hosted with Netstore (

I've been using the Netstore service for 2 years (minimum contract!) and when I set it up I paid around 550 for the 2 years. Email's that important to me ...

Why did I go for Exchange? well, like most people who are floating around these forums I was fed with dealing with POP3 on multiple machines ... yes there are work arounds - I could leave a copy of all my inbound email on the server and have the last machine delete it, or let the server hose them after 10 days of whatever ... but this has lots of issues:

What about your sent items?
What about maintaining an organised folder hierarchy?? (I have hundreds of folders, all nested per project per company etc.)

What about maintaining my Outlook Contacts and Calendar across all these multiple machines? Hmm ... yes you certainly can't do that easily over POP3 - you used to be abled to use a feature called NetFolders in Outlook 2000 but Microsoft pulled the plug on that one - no longer in Outlook XP.

So, Exchange seemed like the way to go - and all went swimmingly - all my email from my new domain were being sent straight to the exchange server, and I was picking up my POP3 email and syncing it back up to the exchange server so that wherever I was I had the latest email in the latest organisation etc etc.

Exchange also gave me OWA (Outlook Web Access) which provided a fairly gruesome interpretation of Outlook on the web. So I could access all my email via the web as well.


Why have I changed? Because I was so sick and tired of my machine dying whilst trying to sync Outlook. MAPI is a hideous protocol and Exchanged Outlook really can be quite painful. Busy syncing mails? Let's suck your processor power dry shall we ....

Aside from that, I was up for renewing my Exchange Account in November, and decided to see what I could do aside from Exchange ....

For my 500 (250/year let's say) I got 150MB of storage on an exchange server.

With FastMail I have an Enhanced Membership (currently $39.95?) and $29.95 per year for subsequent years. And I have 150MB on an IMAP server. And, erm ... I've only paid $39.95 ... ok ....

"Doesn't do your contacts and notes and tasks etc. though does it??" Well, actually it does - - there's a product called InsightConnector (which works with the FastMail servers) which will enable Outlook to do just that - store "Special Folders" on a compliant IMAP server.

If I went over budget on space on my NetStore service they were going to clobber me some figure per month for additional space. If I want to I can buy up to 500MB of space for $99 on FastMail. AND THAT'S A ONE OFF FEE. As in I can be using that space for the next 25 years and so long as I pay my $30 a year for my membership, that's it ....


IMAP is blissfully fast after the terror which was MAPI and the web based access is superb. I love the fact that I can use my own stylesheet and that for my needs it does pretty much everything I need on the (Admittedly for me quite rare) occasions that I need to view my mail over the web when I don't have a configured copy of Outlook handy.

I'm this impressed after less than 24 hours of discovering the site. I have signed up as an enhanced member and have 250MB of storage.

And, for the record, IMAP is superb. I'm converting as many people as will listen to me. And I'm converting them to use FastMail. After all, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

And my God - the developers actually listen to the community of users and interact on the forums - this is no corporate entity - this is a team of people who like what they do ... and do it very well.

Thanks for a superb service FastMail - I still can't believe you're offering what you are for the price you're doing it for ...
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Old 11 Jul 2002, 07:14 AM   #84
Jeremy Howard
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Thanks Ed--we'll be sure to raise all our prices now on your advice!

PS: Glad to see you've discovered InsightConnector. Please PM me sometime with your thoughts about it since we're interested in feedback on this product.
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Old 17 Jul 2002, 12:03 AM   #85
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InsightConnector Followup

Done a write up on my experiences with InsightConnector ...

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Old 20 Jul 2002, 02:46 AM   #86
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Thumbs up Thanks Rob!

Thanks Rob for helping me to keep a deleted email address that I then changed my mind & wanted to keep!
I've upgraded to "full" membership (my 2nd account) and although I didn't see the promised discount in the procedure via credit card payment... you can keep the extra $5 for someone who may not be able to afford the u.s. dollars.
It may be nice to see a "forum" tab within the email service itself.
Thanks again! Long life to !!! Farewell again dear Bill Gates!
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Old 23 Jul 2002, 09:31 AM   #87
The "e" in e-mail
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Originally posted by datherfold

I hope that it is ok to express my opinion on these issues in this forum.

Dave (2) [/b]
Of course it's OK to express your opinion. It's what the boards are for. Your suggestions (like the trimmed-down Full membership) would be better off in a new thread, though. The testimonials aren't really looked at for discussion often. It's a good suggestion, anyway.

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Old 4 Aug 2002, 06:41 AM   #88
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Talking Superb Service

I never log into these things: I have a life! However, I have to say that the service is first rate. Since I first started using email from 1997 onwards, I have pined for this kind of service. I receive here a quality and level I did not envisage possible. Fast (you don't advertise fraudulently) and useable, it really is how email should be. Perfect!!! Note to hotmail users: I got trapped in to the service as well. Fastmail lets you get out without missing an moments mailing. Well worth the money and a lot cheaper than the competitors, a la First rate: sign up now.

a la
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Old 4 Aug 2002, 08:43 AM   #89
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Thumbs up Love It

All I have to say is WOW! I'm a "Member", and must say I am very impressed with Fastmail. Just the other day I was looking through the suggestions, and many of them were brought to life this morning. I am simply amazed at the personal touch fastmail provides its users. I also would like to commend the Fastmail operators on resisting the temptation to "sell out" and put banner adds on the site. I definately got my money's worth!
Keep up the good work!
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Old 16 Aug 2002, 11:56 PM   #90
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The unanimous decision

As with all other members of the service, i have chosen to congratulate the developers on focusing more on needs of the users than anything else and thus creating the best email service thus far.

I present this opinion from being a veteran of mail services like Lycos, yahoo and hotmail, all of which i have stopped using for email purposes. beats the competition hands down and without any problems.

More important than the features itself is this forum, which i am using, which gives the users the power to discuss with the webmasters ensuring a truly transparent process between developers and the users... answers from humans themselves is rewarding (and is much better than the frustrating search from the cynically called FAQs in other web sites)...

I recommend to anyone who is serious about email and wants to have a permanent email address. Even though newbies may have a problem at first (for one-two days) adjusting, the effort is well worth it. is very efficient and time-saving...

Unlike Yahoo and Hotmail which are laden with pagesize advertisements and/or huge pictures, is clean and thus, saves users time everyday, and lives up to its name...

I recommend service to anyone; its guest service handily beats other paid services, and member services are without a shadow of doubt, the most professional and the best email service ever.

Ending this testomonial, i would like to thank the developers of FM for the wonderful service, saving me money every day by not making me watch huge gigantic ads, not spamming me with stupid ads in exchange for services which ought to be free...

Give me fastmail or give me death

Thanks to the developers is obviously the best and will remain

- Strider
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