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Old 9 Nov 2013, 09:37 PM   #1
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css tweaking; does it work? (& increase width of app-list)

I followed advice at to see if I could get some css changes applied. But so far it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Can you apply css changes via {My Files}/custom-ui/css/tweaks.css to the current crop of fastmail themes?

Pending the answer to this, what I'm actually after is a way to extend the width of "app-list" which seems to have a limit of 700px
(but that width is related to "app-content" and "SplitDividerView")

I'd just like to slide open the app-list further. Any tips for this?
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Old 10 Nov 2013, 05:03 AM   #2
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First welcome to the forums.

I am nearly sure I am correct in what I am saying in this post, unless something has changed.

Unfortunately, "new interface" in that wiki article refers to what is now the "classic interface". It is unfortunate that terms like "old interface", "beta interface" and "new interface" have been used, rather than having an interface version number.

I use the described capability to tweak the CSS (and the javascript) of the page for several of my customers. It is a great feature, but the current (Ajax enabled) interface does not support it. It only works in the classic interface.

As a new user of Fastmail, you are likely to prefer the look and behavior of the current interface. If so, you must forego some capabilities that existed in the older classic interface, of which the ability to customize the interface is one.
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Old 10 Nov 2013, 10:05 AM   #3
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thank you, confirms what I thought was happening.
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Old 10 Nov 2013, 10:33 AM   #4
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Unfortunately, there is no way currently to modify the CSS in the current interface. But be sure you have tried the various combinations in Settings>Theme of the following settings:
  • Theme (which does change the CSS to Fastmail-created selections)
  • Show sidebar
  • Hide sidebar
  • Show reading pane
  • Hide reading pane
In most of the combinations, the width of the columns on the screen can be changed by dragging the vertical divider. For example, if both Show sidebar and Show reading pane are active, you can drag the right edge of the folder list sidebar and the left edge of the reading pane.

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Old 15 Nov 2013, 12:43 AM   #5
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If you're running Firefox or Chrome, you can use the Stylish extension to override FM's CSS with your own, regardless of whether the current interface has native styling support. This is how I've managed mine every time FM has changed its interface and broken or removed restyling.

In Stylish, create a new style for FM, then wrap your CSS with this to restyle the default domains (as well as your own, if you have any):
@-moz-document domain(''),
    domain("") {


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