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Early Warning... If an email service has closed down or changed the services it offers, or if there are indications it is about to do so, post about it here.

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Old 5 Apr 2024, 11:14 AM   #1
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It looks like has recently removed mx servers from various old domains, such as,,,, and possibly more domains. If you are having issues sending/receiving emails from any of those domains, that is why.
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Is a reliable service or not? I really like some domains they have (including itself) but I am not sure if those accounts are trustworthy. I have read mixed comments about this provider.

I can recall, many years ago, to have read on this forum that with this provider there were several people able to sign up for exactly the same email address. That of course should never happen. That post stuck with me, and since then I'm a bit wary of this service. Of course, it could have been a temporary problem that is long solved... but I heard mixed comments about afterwards too.
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Old 6 Apr 2024, 01:24 AM   #3
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I would recommend if you wanted a simple alternative email address. For everyday use, not so much. They cannot maintain their website properly and they have ads in the background. They also have more limited domain options in comparison to older days, and as of February, they stopped recycling email addresses. Not sure if that is a permanent thing, though.
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Old 6 Apr 2024, 01:54 AM   #4
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I've been using since 2011 as my backup email account, its reliable for me.

Where did it say they stop recycle email addresses?
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Old 6 Apr 2024, 06:04 AM   #5
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I recently tried signing up for and ran into several hurdles from the get go. Gave up after it required a verification code sent to my phone, which never arrived. I contacted customer service, but it took them more than a day to resolve the problem. At that point I told them no thanks.
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Old 7 Apr 2024, 05:01 AM   #6
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Stay AWAY from

I signed up for an account here specifically to help you if you're thinking of signing up with

I should have seen this coming.

I had a account for two decades. At first because of their lax security I used pop3 without being a premium member, which they claimed was mandatory for pop3, but somebody caught on and I eventually had to use the web interface. Which actually isn't bad.

However, so many of the emails I sent were undeliverable spam that I ended up moving away. But by that time I'd been with for so long, somebody I hadn't spoken to in ten years could email me and I'd get it. If I wanted to, of course.

Fast forward to April Fool's Day (how appropriate). I get a text from a friend asking if my mail is down. It often was, so I said just wait an hour or so. But this went on for an entire week before tech support at finally admitted I can't receive email from my domain anymore.

Can you imagine being such a bunch of slackers that you give zero warning to your customers that you can't afford to keep your domains running? I mean, if they'd wanted to, they could have sold me the damn domain and I'd have kept it running just for myself.

Stay away from mail.coom. It's an okay service, not creepy like gmail or outlook or apple, but it's run by lunatic amateurs. Spam score was always awful, my emails were often undelivered because of this. Customer service is nonexistent, and just when you've told everybody your new email address they'll screw you.

ANYTHING to do with gmx, mail, or even 1&1 should be avoided.

Btw, unrelated but I use Vivaldi's email feature to consolidate all my accounts but I find it...weird. It isn't intuitive. I never know what folder a message is in when I click it, for example. There are just weird things about it. Has anyone else found this, and what desktop app do you use? I just use the native app on my phone to consolidate accounts, but on a desktop I like to keep things all in one place.
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Originally Posted by startingover View Post
… But by that time I'd been with for so long, somebody I hadn't spoken to in ten years could email me and I'd get it…
That is the point of a reliable personal email!
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