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Old 2 Aug 2019, 10:36 PM   #1
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Help make a rule to move select emails into a shared folder created by another user

I have a multi-family account with my wife and we have shared folders in our account where both us can access and see the emails in those folders.

However I am unable to make a rule to automatically move select emails that I receive into the shared folder that was created by my wife. I am only able to move it if the shared folder was created by me.

And vice-versa. My wife is not able to make a rule that automatically move emails into the shared folder that was created by me.

It's counter productive since the general idea of shared folders is to be able to collectively see emails that come into that folder. Now we're having to manually move each email into those folders.

Does anyone know a solution or a work around to this?
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Old 3 Aug 2019, 02:51 AM   #2
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Use a forward rule sending to <shared-folder>@<wife>.<domain>.<tld>
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Old 3 Aug 2019, 07:22 PM   #3
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I think you should raise a ticket with Fastmail Support - as you say their concept of a shared account is not working the way you need it to.

You could also try creating an intermediate on-the-way-to-your-wife folder. You would clearly be able to move mails into that with one of your rules. Maybe she would be able to take mail from it and put it in her shared folder. It'd be fractionally easier than the current situation, if it worked.

It's a pity also that rules only (as far as I know) work on mails as they arrive at FM, rather than also (as in some email clients) on operations like opening a folder or even on a timer.
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Old 3 Aug 2019, 07:27 PM   #4
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Originally Posted by JeremyNicoll View Post
...rather than also (as in some email clients) on operations like opening a folder or even on a timer.
What email clients do those?
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Old 4 Aug 2019, 01:59 AM   #5
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Well, there's:

Filters there can run for incoming messages or news, mail or news being sent, a folder being opened, or on a tidy (expiry of old messages in a folder). Lots of actions are/were possible.

Eg, I used occasionally to colour messages to make their subject lines etc stand out in a folder view, and I usually did that by editing the message itself to add eg "*gr*" to its subject, turning on a predefined (by me, that is) filter which examined subjects lines as folders were being opened and if they contained "*gr" setting message display colour to green, then opening that folder. Of course such a filter slows down folder-opening enormously, so as soon as the message had gained the 'green' attribute I'd turn off the filter.

The send filters allowed me to do things like look for mismatches between email addresses and where I was about to send them to, eg accidentally using an address I normally used for a mail list to go to somewhere that wasn't a list server.

I stopped using that client (after having catastrophic disk failures on the machines concerned - not the app's fault) and moved to webmail with two providers. I keep meaning to go back to it, but it's been so long that I know the client (which I used to be expert in using) will feel strange.

And, it's almost been forgotten by its developer. There's lots of outstanding bugs, though I'm not sure that there's any serious ones. On the other hand I know people do still use it (on Windows, Mac, Linux). There's a decent (well-written, detailed, lots of screenshots) manual.

More recently I've also contemplated using Claws Mail - see: Obviously with its source available in theory one could make it do anything. It also has an extensible architecture & plugins can be written for it. On the downside when I last tried the Windows port it was unstable. That though was a year or two ago and I know there's been efforts made to solve that - don't know if they've been successful. A drawback is that for Windows users it's very hard to get the diagnostic info that the (mainly) linux maintainers need to fix problems detected on Windows. It's also a complicated client (though powerful) but like lots of open-source things pretty poorly documented.
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