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Originally Posted by TenFour View Post
Calm down. I have used Apple products professionally since they existed, and most of my household is all Apple. I currently use Linux myself for most things, but I work fulltime with Microsoft at work, and I use Gmail and Google stuff with all of them. With what I do 90% of the time I am working with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Gmail, and Drive. However, I find lots of problems with Apple in business unless you go full Office, and then it is much cheaper, easier and more compatible to go all Microsoft. With Office 365 you get at least 1TB of storage per seat, 50GB inboxes, all the latest office programs, and very reliable email that works with your domain and perfectly with Outlook. OneDrive and Sharepoint syncing work well. The apps work very well on Android phones, though not sure about on iOS.
Why do you have a problem with answering a simple question? What this comes down to is that you are not prepared to say that you have worked in an Apple business ecosystem, but want to dance around the question, as simple as it is, and that you continue to have no concrete criticisms to make, as distinct from general broadsides, about Apple as an ecosystem or of MacOS/iOS + FastMail for e-mail.

As for Linux, which you say you use for most things, good for you. I have over a decade of experience with Arch Linux, which as you may know is one of the more demanding Linux distributions. I use it - more precisely, play with it - out of interest, but running Linux has zero to do with actually starting a business, in particular one that requires the use, as ours does, of widely used, standard applications, and specialised applications like Lightroom, Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X.

I don't understand what you think you are accomplishing with these posts. I'm at a point, as someone who has worked for years with Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Google Gmail, where I'm just dismissing what you are saying as unknowledgeable and peculiarly persistent.

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I did an O365 trial a couple of years ago. Perhaps things have changed since then, but I found that, as an email product, it was quite inferior to FastMail.

In O365 you had to set up DNS yourself, which wasn't a problem for me but would be for less technically inclined people. Hosting DNS at FastMail was a much more pleasant experience in terms of email setup.

O365 had a quite bizarre and mostly useless implementation of email aliases and mailbox addressing. On the sending side aliases add obnoxious "sent by" headers so the fact that you're using an alias isn't transparent. The documentation was awful too. FastMail aliases were easy to set up, they don't announce themselves as such, and how aliases move email about made a lot of sense.

Any O365 alias could be used as a login, which is a straight up security no-no. On FastMail my email login address and my domain addresses (which redirect to my login email) are separate. You cannot guess my login by knowing what domain addresses I'm using.

O365 didn't use or understand vCard so I couldn't import my address book. It had to be manually reentered, and if I wanted to leave I couldn't export it for use at the new provider.
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Pleas exercise civility on this forum. Different opinions are Fine. Accusations - not.
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To me, I think the usefulness and importance you place on one over another is relative to how long you have been using it. To me, G ,SG and phallosan are all perfect if you take time to understand the whole process.I have the experience of using Phallosan for more than 6 months and it turned out to be great as well. I have used both and I think both are okay to use just that Fastmail has just a bit of edge.

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