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Old 26 Oct 2021, 12:25 PM   #76
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Originally Posted by donlibes View Post
[some] items are subtle and difficult to compare.

Consider spam detection: Tuffmail had an eclectic set of features and options. I can't imagine how I'd match those up with other providers. And even for nominally similar spam-handling, it's tricky. For example, tuffmail and runbox (my new provider) both use SpamAssassin but they have chosen different SA rulesets! How are you possibly going to put this into a spreadsheet? The options both have for filtering is similarly hard to compare. And so on.
It might be too hard. We'll find out, assuming I give this a try.

Comparing the difficult-to-compare features like the one you (donlibes) mention above can potentially be described just as you do above. That doesn't yet seem that hard. I have some experience comparing complex, not-easy-to-compare software systems. In past analysis I've employed tricks to make it more useful with minimized effort. Eg, avoiding "extreme precision" with qualitive comparison plus explanatory prose, just like what you seemingly do quite well above--which for me is tremendously more useful than nothing. Will things like this work here? I don't know.

So far I've seen nothing in the Tuffmail feature set ( ) which is overly cumbersome for this proposed effort. Maybe I'll learn otherwise. Maybe I won't even try it.

Thanks for the tip, in any case.

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Old 26 Oct 2021, 12:31 PM   #77
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This Tuffmail->Fastmail "connection" seems nice, but not that useful for a proper porting of domains / addresses / filter+forward+folder (fff) settings for a proper port (from Tuffmail to Fastmail)... but I'm still trying to learn the scope of the effort, so my assessment could be _way_ off.

If on the other hand this Tuffmail->Fastmail stuff is somehow automatically "porting" all my Tuffmail configuration to Fastmail, I would *love* this! I don't yet see how that is/would done with the process described in the email Berenburger received.

As a Tuffmail customer I have yet to receive this email, not sure why.

In any case, thanks Berenburger for sharing this.

Originally Posted by Berenburger View Post
Just arrived in my mailbox.

Hello Tuffmail Customer,

We're happy to announce that will be providing a new home for Tuffmail email addresses.

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Old 26 Oct 2021, 06:45 PM   #78
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Anyone familiar with NameCheap?

Before I was aware of the Tuffmail-meets-Fastmail thing (which Iím still trying to sort out; it seems not to be working for me :-\ ), someone had made mention to me of <>.

Is anyone familiar with the service?
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Old 26 Oct 2021, 08:17 PM   #79
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I used Namecheap email a few years ago, but can't comment on what it is like today. It was very cheap, very basic, reliable, but without bells and whistles. If my memory serves correctly it did not have things like sieve filters, etc. that people coming from Tuffmail might want. If you just need cheap, reliable, and simple email check out Purelymail--only $10 a year or less, with all the aliases and mailboxes you want.
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Old 29 Oct 2021, 01:26 AM   #80
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Question Confirming: no one is taking over Tuffmail

Double/triple checking: since I've not seen a reply to the below, I'm going to presume that Tuffmail is still scheduled to go offline 2022-01-01.

Originally Posted by hydrostarr View Post
1. Is there any "real" chance that a qualified someone (or some team) takes over (from John Capo) such that Tuffmail can continue running beyond Jan 1, 2022 (in about 2 months)?
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It would be nice so people dont lose out!!
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