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Yes, I think all the email platforms affected by these attacks handled themselves well. The Runbox team provided frequent updates about the status of the attacks and so even when things slowed down a little, everyone know what was going on. One of the reasons I've been using RB for so long is precisely this sort of direct communication; larger companies just can't communicate with their massive user base in the way that smaller, more agile companies can.

- Henry
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Originally Posted by DigitalOrchard View Post
My most important email accounts have secondary MX records pointing to Google Apps (my former email provider), so when my emails are blocked at Runbox by DDoS attacks, at least I can get the incoming messages over at my Gmail accounts.

This makes me wonder... could Runbox get creative and have their own secondary MX routes that are not as obvious to direct attack? Or so many paths that it's unrealistic for hackers to try and take down them all? If anything, it would spread the attack thinner, possibly allowing some systems to continue responding.

Google has many MX records, and in the 8 years that I used them, I never had any problems. Runbox has one MX record, and 5 months into using them, my email (and my productivity) is already affected.

I know it's not just about MX records, that was just one example of a difference between two providers that I've used. In my own small (very small, less than a dozen paying clients) business, I take no chances. All websites that I build incorporate 6 redundant asset servers set up at 5 different providers, one of which is Amazon CloudFront. Even if one of these asset servers became unresponsive, it would have very little affect on my clients' websites. This is a very cheap and easy-to-maintain way of ensuring my services remain online. I do this "just in case". I hope that Runbox can setup their own systems with similar non-connected redundancy.

I eagerly await details on how they are mitigating these attacks.
How do you manage / do that redundancy?
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