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Old 26 Jan 2021, 02:45 AM   #1
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Aliases and Domains for Older User

I signed up for fastmail back when it was just (maybe 15+ years ago).

assuming my user name is "foobar" for this example my default email was

[email protected]

I could do infinite aliases like so typing in from field

[email protected]


Something about the GUI for compose changed however. It just shows me the ability to make an alias on the fly like

[email protected]

Email sent to .com instead of .fm doesn't reach me.

How to get the GUI back to how it was or just show .fm instead .com when I choose the "Any" option.

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Old 26 Jan 2021, 03:48 AM   #2
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Hello and welcome sunspots99

Have you set up the alias '[email protected]'. My understanding is that, until you have, '[email protected]' won't work.
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Old 26 Jan 2021, 04:49 AM   #3
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You should be able to do what you want by creating the sending identity for *

I do what you are trying to do for what I refer to as "disposable email addresses" and use a real alias as the domain since I never want to reveal my actual account email address to any recipient. I also set that real alias's target to filter these in their own folders under a single category (using FM's "fuzzy folder matching").

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Old 26 Jan 2021, 04:51 AM   #4
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Try this:
  1. 'Edit' Folders (for me this is a button at the bottom of the left hand side list of email folders when in Mail)
  2. Click the 'Edit' button to the right of 'Inbox' (assuming this is where you usually are when you Compose new emails)
  3. Click 'Advanced Preferences' underneath the displayed options (just above the 'Save' and 'Cancel' buttons)
  4. Choose your preferred Sending Identity from the drop down list next to 'Default Identity'
  5. Click 'Save' (at the bottom of the page)

If your '' sending identity is not listed you might have to create it, using 'Sending Identities' in Preferences.
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Old 26 Jan 2021, 10:28 AM   #5
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Thanks all! Sending Identities vs Aliases setup works. I was too focused on Alias.

Part of my problem Fenman was that I had sent out the [email protected] address to someone and wanted to use that to as my "from" but it just wasn't an option in newer GUI that used to let you type whatever you want. So setting up the .com was possible, but not the address I wanted going out.
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