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Undelete bug!

Undelete doesn't work if the email undeleted was filed into trash by Rules (Sieve) in the first place. It's moved in some sense; it momentarily disappears and then reappears.

Use case: I have some email sent to [entity+trash@alias.fastmail.domain]. Sieve sees the 'trash" and puts it in the trash. Occasionally there's something useful, so I go search for it. I undeleted something and was then about to empty the trash (well, a folder in the trash) when I realized that the email I had undeleted was still in the same folder in the trash. (It wasn't actually an important email, but I didn't want to delete it.)

If staff wants to look at it:
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Arrow Undelete restores message to previous folder before deletion

It appears to me that the Undelete button is working as it was intended. From Help:
If you find something your want to keep in your Trash, use the "Undelete" button to restore the messages in the conversation to their previous folder (before they were deleted to Trash).
I have rules (or plus+addressing) which delivers some incoming message to certain folders (but not Trash in my case). If I delete such a message it goes to the Trash folder. If I then open it from Trash and undelete it, it is moved back to the previous folder where it sat before the deletion. In that case, this is not Inbox or Trash or Archive but the folder in the rule or plus+address.

In your case, the messages were never in any folder other than Trash. You have never deleted these messages. So when you undelete them, they go back the folder they were in before (which happens to be Trash). I think you imagine that they might go to Inbox, but they were never in the Inbox folder so there is no reason for them to be “returned” to any folder other than Trash.

If you want the message to be moved to your Inbox folder, use the Move To button.

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