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Early Warning... If an email service has closed down or changed the services it offers, or if there are indications it is about to do so, post about it here.

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Originally Posted by MichaelH View Post
I am affected too. I had four free email addresses which I used as contact addresses for posting on web sites. (I am an amateur webmaster and posted the addresses in the "Contact Me" section. Avoids the risk of getting my personal account spammed.)

Now I don't know what I will do. I don't want to pay for four email addresses just to be used as potential spam magnets.

Looks like many companies are feeling the pinch., which was run by Excite, was terminated December 2015. They claim the email service will continue, but who knows.

Even Google, which offered free hosted webmail for webmasters some years ago, stopped that particular service. That service is now part of G Suite, which costs $5 per month per user.

I suppose it is all because it is getting harder and harder to make money online. People are simply no longer clicking on ads. But if advertising doesn't pay the bills anymore, what does that leave? A user pay system. I am sure this trend will continue.
Assuming you don't have a downer on Google . . .

Use a contact form instead - check out this Google Forms Guide.

Then change your website "Contact Me" section to link towards the Google Form instead. The form gets filled in and submitted, then you get an e-mail from Google that someone has completed your form. You don't give out any e-mail address with this option.

If you want a cheap option to host your websites, I use the Google Cloud Platform and am currently paying less than 25 cents per month to host my personal websites with them.
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So after all those years of attending concerts by goth and newwave bands, and visiting goth music nights, I'll have to let go of the idea to register a free mail address It was by too ...

On a serious note, some really neat domains were existing too while hosted by Amongst them the very notorious (that branded itself as "the shortest email domain in the world"), and some really good (non-silly and non-niche) domains. Will those all give up providing email or will they move to another host?
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Originally Posted by Tsunami View Post
Will those all give up providing email or will they move to another host?
First, note that I do not represent EVERYONE.NET or K.ST.

It appears to me that continuing email service will be handled differently by the owners of each of those cute domain names we all loved. For instance, in the case of K.ST, the whole domain has disappeared. However, many formerly free accounts at still-existing domains are being allowed to purchase one of the paid Everyone.Net plans and keep their accounts -- for example, if you had a free U2.IS account, you can go here:
and sign in with your username and password to get to the "Termination of Free Webmail" notice with the upgrade offer.

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