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Exclamation HELP - Answers to Common Fastmail Questions

NOTE: If you do not find your question answered here, please ask on the appropriate forum.

1. Cannot Receive FastMail In Outlook Express / Email Client

a. Make sure you have used your entire email address (with the @ part) for the "Account Name"
b. Make sure you have for both the "Incoming Mail" (IMAP or POP) and the "Outgoing Mail" (SMTP) servers.
c. If you still cannot receive mail, login to your FastMail account and Click on Options --> Account Status. This screen displays your entire Account Name.

These settings are explained with pictures, in the FAQ Here.

2. Cannot Send Using Outlook Express / Email Client

a. If you have a free Guest account, you cannot send mail from an email client. You must use your ISP's "Outgoing Mail" (SMTP) server to send email. And you can always send mail by logging into FastMail on the web.
b. Make sure you have for both the "Incoming Mail" (IMAP or POP) and the "Outgoing Mail" (SMTP) servers.
c. Make sure you have selected the option that says "My server requires authentication".
d. If you still cannot send email, your ISP may be blocking your "Outgoing Mail" (SMTP) port. Try changing the port number from 25 to 26.

These settings are explained with pictures, in the FAQ Here.

3. Received Bounce That I Did Not Send

This is due to a spammer or virus faking the "from address" and making it appear as though the email was sent from your account. Hence when the recipient bounces it, the email ends up in your inbox. Further details can be found Here.

4. Open Links In New Window ?

Right-click and select "Open in New Window". More details available in the Wiki, Here.

5. Remove Address from Quick List

Uncheck the Quick List option in your address book. If that does not work, then it has been auto-added. To remove, click Options --> Account Preferences --> Quick Items --> Clear.

6. Calendar / Reminders / Flags / HTML / Smilies?

FastMail has plans to add numerous features to their service. To see a list of Coming Enhancements, please click Here.

7. "Sent Folder" Display "To:" instead of "From:" ?

Details regarding this are available Here.

8. Hotmail / Yahoo Retrieval?

Set up retrieval from Hotmail and other POP accounts by clicking on Options --> Pop Links. More details available Here.
Yahoo retrieval is currently being tested on a Beta server. More details Here.

9. Aliases - Restrictions

Full and Enhanced users may have usernames that are dictionary words. Aliases cannot be dictionary words. More details Here.

10. Training Bayesian Learning In Spam Assassin ?

FastMail trains it's Bayes database through an auto-feedback loop, based on the SpamAssassin score.

11. Attachment Size

Attachments up to 10 MB in size, may be sent from your account. However, email encoding adds about 30% bloat so the practical size is about 6 - 7MB. Details Here.

12. Duplicate Email Deleted ?

The server has a feature called 'duplicate delivery suppression'. For each message that arrives for an account, the message ID is noted. If a second message with the same ID arrives, then it is 'suppressed'.

13. Inactivity

Guest accounts expire after 45 days of inactivity and Member accounts after 120 days. Full and Enhanced accounts remain active until the subscription period expires.

14. Bandwidth

Most questions related to bandwidth are answered Here.

15. Reject - Bandwidth

Messages you reject still count towards your bandwidth limit.

16. Domain Split

A brief explanation of the domain split and its consequences is located Here.

17. Bounce

Details regarding FastMail's Bounce feature are available Here.

18. Archive Email

The Archive feature allows you to download large folders into your computer's hard disk. The procedure is Here.

19. Address Book

FastMail plans to improve the address book and increase the number of available fields. More details Here.
Learn how to export your address book using an Excel CSV file, Here.

20. Whitelisting Domains

To Whitelist an entire domain, follow the steps outlined Here. For rule #1, set Look in to Advanced and For text matching, enter header :contains "From" ["@domain1", "@domain2"].

21. I have a Suggestion

If you would like to suggest a new feature, simply send an email to (you need to replace the AT with @).

22. Testimonials

If you would like to see what users have to say about FastMail, look Here.
If you enjoy using FastMail, please feel free to add your comments to the thread.
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