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Old 29 Aug 2023, 10:04 PM   #1
Mr David
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Create catchall address using FM domain

All the aliases I use in my FM account have been created using FM domains.

Among my collection of aliases some can be used as wildcard addresses. These have the format:

This permits delivery or sending addresses to be created on the fly.

Messages *received* from entities to which I give addresses made with such a catchall (eg: entity@aliasname.FMdomain.tld) are automatically filed to a designated target folder in my FM account.

Messages *sent* to a particular entity can have the entity name added to the wildcard address 'suffix' while composing by entering the desired name in a blank field in the 'From' line on the compose screen. Which looks something like this:
Identity Name <[Blank Field]@aliasname.FMdomain.tld>

In the current FM web client's settings interface I cannot figure out how to create new wildcard aliases with this format.

Is it still possible to create catchall addresses like these using FM domains?
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Old 30 Aug 2023, 02:06 AM   #2
Intergalactic Postmaster
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Arrow Adding catchall subdomain addresses

Yes, you can do this as follows in the Fastmail web interface:
  • In Settings>Team & Sharing>Team addresses tab, add the new base address which will be used for subdomain addressing, such as "alias@domain.tld".
  • In Settings>My email addresses, click + New address
    • On the New address page, you will see two boxes.
    • Enter a single * (asterisk wildcard) in the left box before the @.
    • Open the right box. Search for the subdomain, such as "alias.domain.tld" in this example. Select (click) the subdomain.
    • Click Continue.
    • You can now add a name to the subdomain address. For example, in this example you could name it "Acme" and this might be used with the tag "Coyote" when composing a message to use the From address "Acme <Coyote@alias.domain.tld>".
    • You can then edit the signature used when composing messages from this subdomain address.
    • In advanced preferences you can control a few more features and add a nickname so you can easily find this subdomain address when composing messages.
    • Click Save when finished.
  • To send a message from a on-the-fly custom subdomain address:
    • Click Compose
    • Open the From address box (above the To and Subject fields) and choose the wildcard subdomain, such as "Acme <*@alias.domain.tld>" or the nickname you gave the subdomain address.
    • In the From left box you can change the sender name.
    • In the From center box then enter the alias for that subdomain address, such as "coyote" to create <coyote@alias.domain.tld>.
    • In the From right box any entry will cause an error if the recipient replies to the message, since you would be adding too many subdomain levels.
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Old 30 Aug 2023, 01:24 PM   #3
Mr David
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Melbourne, Aus
Posts: 116
Thank you, Bill, for composing those very detailed instructions. You really do have a talent for writing them.

On first viewing your notes I thought I was home and hosed. Unfortunately, soon after I began working through them I hit a roadblock.

Eventually, to my relief, I was able to get around it with some trial and error work. I found a mistake in my order of operations.

After creating my new FM domain alias in:
Settings>Team & Sharing>Team addresses tab
... I had changed its target from my FM login address (target is my account's inbox) to an inbox folder. Target address format was:

In the "My email addresses" screen, this caused my new alias to be marked as "External". This had the effect of preventing the subdomain-version of the new alias address from appearing in the drop-down list in the right box after the @ in the "+ New Address" screen.

I changed the new alias's target back to its default listing:

After working my way back and changing the alias's target to my main login email address, the subdomain for the new alias appeared in the "My email addresses" drop-down list of subdomains available for * wildcard addresses. From there I successfully created the catchall alias address I'd been aiming for. Yay! After that I went back and changed the alias's target to the inbox folder I'd used earlier. The new catchall alias is labelled as 'External' in the "My email addresses" screen.

If not for your notes I wouldn't have been able to solve this FM new UI puzzle. Thanks again.

I have noticed a weird anomaly in the My Addresses>New Addresses screen.

Starting with an * (actually the same behaviour happens with any name added to this field) in the left box, when I search for available domains and subdomains (after the @) in the right box, my new catchall/wildcard alias is not listed. However, catchall/wildcard subdomain aliases created before the most recent big UI update *are* listed.

That seems very odd to me.

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