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Originally Posted by n5bb View Post
I don't think that's correct. MX records currently point to the same 66.111.4.xx (NYI) and 185.68.120.xx (NL) servers as (and the other Fastmail domains). The A records also cause to redirect to the website.
Ah, I stand corrected on that point. That was definitely the case back after FastMail first announced it, but I didn't bother to recheck it today when I posted that.

Perhaps by now enough legacy users have migrated over that it makes more sense to have the primary MX records pointing to the "real" FastMail, and send anything that doesn't match back to the old servers.
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I wish that we had some users posting here to tell us what's happening for existing users.

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Yeah, me too. It does make me curious, as gave away free accounts at one point, and promised that the accounts would remain free indefinitely:

Your account has no expiry date on it. As long as you use your account regularily (subject to the TOS) it will be yours.
However, in the migration announcement the original owner of states:

If you do not opt to migrate, your account will lapse and be deleted.
So I have to assume that he's put some kind of a sunset timeframe into that, and Bron and the rest of the folks at FastMail haven't really responded to queries about when will become available for the rest of us, but I'm assuming it will be at some point after those non-migrated accounts lapse and are deleted.

What's interesting, however, is that it looks like FastMail is already using a virtual user table on the main messagingengine servers, rather than just handing all unknown addresses over to the old FastMail. I did a quick test, and any unknown addresses are rejected in the same way that they would be for any other FastMail-owned domain (I just telnetted to port 25 and had an SMTP chat with

This means that either everybody from the old has already migrated/expired or FastMail has an address table of remaining users. This means there are no technical reasons why they couldn't make available as an alias for the rest of us, but perhaps there's a "cooling off" period in there somewhere too just to make sure that old addresses don't get recycled too quickly.
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Originally Posted by FredOnline
At time of writing, the domain is still available to register.

That should be popular with some here on the forum.
Hehe I guess they still deny they have gotton worse so they dont want that one
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