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2 personalities or two accounts?

Ping Pong's Create to bringing dim sum to the 14, a change

Artem Sagiryan rolls his eyes and pokes a chopstick. This doughy mass is currently causing difficulties: a few clients are eating.

"We are taking a look at sourcing multi-coloured newspaper to put off people --it is a tricky one concerning inform each and each diner to not consume the greaseproof paper could be somewhat patronising," he states.

This conundrum highlights the problems of packing a market cuisine. Ping Pong was attempting to attract expert teas and dim sum, cocktails and it has not been sailing. Visit for more about ping pong on twitter:

The top casual set submitted a 1.8m [pounds sterling] reduction in its fiscal year 2010/2011 and the subsequent year reassigned a number of its core London rentals and mothballed its Currently state format near Liverpool Street Station (see The timing is (maybe not ) Currently panel). The money was used to start a set of websites that were new-look in first a branch in Wembley London Designer malls and last month -- a restaurant.

Young Sagiryan and Favorable has been engaged in the company since day one. Igor, his investment banker father, is the largest backer of Ping Pong and supplied all their funds for creator Kurt Zdesar to start the website on the Great Marlborough Street of Soho.

The concept has not changed considerably since the beginning: diners sequence of the group by ticking boxes on a very tally sheet in a way. The menu is quite concentrated on dim sum, offering a cost point between casual and is Chinese pub a couple of dishes. Duos and trios and dishes of dim sum are between 3 [pounds sterling] and 5 [pounds sterling], even though there are some special dishes round the 7 [pounds sterling] markers.

Zdesar abandoned in 2007 and decreased his funds in the company to finance projects. Ever since that time, the company was helped by 2 distinct CEOs: Jean-Michel Orieux, currently chief executive of bakery series Paul UK, and Paul Sarlas.

Last year, the latter and after Sagiryan was installed as interim CEO. He's worked throughout the Ping Pong company, first on the frontline with charms in the kitchen and on the ground though just in his early 30s, and latterly operating his very own division. In between time-outs for an MBA along with a brief spell after in the footsteps of his dad as an investment banker at Russia, he's also held several head-office roles within the category, such as food and drink processes, IT and advertising, franchise and global marketplace service.

Sagiryan's job title may be CEO, however there are no plans to recruit him above. "it is a case of seeing how I get on. If I believe I am not mature enough to the function or the company is not performing as well as it needs to, we will rethink," he states.

Many would agree that things are looking a bit. Losses narrowed last year to [pounds sterling] and also the team has hailed the start of a new age and declared its intention to attract a nationwide audience dim sum of operating within the funding following a decade.

"We have had a few bumps and bruises, but when we do not take actions we will not ever learn how to walk. Since they had been at the incorrect places, of have been under-performing. James Horler [the prior La Tasca chief executive that now works for Ping Pong as a consultant] and that I took the opinion that it'd be better to focus on places having a young, wealthy demographic that provides solid weekday evening commerce and active days and nights in the weekend," states Sagiryan, that explains recently jettisoned websites from the City and Hampstead since the team's most obvious missteps.

Together with some places that are tricky, a challenge for the team has been the perception it is a late proposal. Websites are normally contemporary, dark and brooding events which bring to mind Blade Runner's aesthetic. The layout in both websites that are new is milder while the rule novel hasn't been torn up.

The Westfield Stratford division --our interview place compromises the edginess of the brand . The light is balanced, there are turquoise banquettes along with the tables are of timber instead of dark lacquer. Won't confuse it for a nightclub in lunchtime, although it is not Pizza Express.

Sagiryan hints that websites will be provided a look however, the focus will be on new branches to now. Last year, while Ping Pong declared a nationwide rollout, an knowledge in Bristol has generated its growth approach to be revised.

"We had been encouraged to have a nose about Bristol from town council. We believed Cabot Circus [a mixed-use improvement home to quite a few big restaurant brands] could be ideal, but after spending a Friday there we are not so convinced," states Sagiryan, who's surprisingly candid about his regional bookings.

"There is a whole lot of foot traffic, but the majority of the restaurants are not that busy. We are now looking at towns which have a crowd that eating out near where they work--like Birmingham and Manchester. It appears Bristol town center employees are very likely to leave after work right for the suburbs. We have to be careful and take an analytical strategy --we have made enough mistakes"

Despite all these concerns over growth, Ping Pong could be expected to take its first steps towards becoming a brand. Prior to its fiscal year ends in April 2015, two in 2015-2016, three at 2016-2017 and five in 2017-2018 the group is expecting to open one restaurant. Specifically, Sagiryan is eyeing also a website in the Battersea Power Station development and two London chances -- a place at the O2 Stadium complex in Greenwich.

There'll be some bank participation, although cash flow will funds new branches. Table tennis table near in here.

There are 2 divisions in Washington DC: four Ping Pong restaurants trading globally and franchises in both Dubai and Mumbai. Last year saw the closing of two restaurants in Brazil along with expansion in India's speed has been intended.

Prices in lands are off the table to now Even though Sagiryan will still continue to encourage franchisees and think of partners in the UAE and India. "It is mainly a resource allocation issue. The attention will be for the near future on the united kingdom. Paul Sarlas believed the franchises could rise like mushrooms. I really don't think that is true with full-service restaurants since they require large investments as well as the property selection procedure needs to be scrupulous."

The Washington DC websites are conducted by another US-based management group and do"OK", thinking about the financial problems that the town's restaurant scene is presently facing.

Back in the united kingdom, Sagiryan sees his primary focus, together with expanding the team, as building on the premium-casual credentials of his brand. "We're among the very branded groups to truly push excellent cocktails and we wish to capitalise on this by incorporating much better spirits at certain places," he states. "We should also guarantee that the websites continue to seem good --we did contemplate a brand new appearance that would demand less capital cost, but determined it'd be a little off-brand."

Average spend per head in the restaurants is 18 [pounds sterling ] web of support and VAT, placing Ping Pong over the end of this bracket that is premium-casual. Sagiryan says that his meals margins are"typical": components are not especially costly, but with dim sum produced by hand, labor prices are high in Ping Pong's company-run-production kitchen.

A kitchen was hard-wired in the beginning of this brand to the group's business model. Tiny service flats that permit trading places to be maximised by the restaurants were a part of the unique blueprint of Zdesar and are an significant part the Ping Pong formulation now.

New cooking programs, such as a barbecue, have been released however, the menu revolves round baked, steamed and fried dishes, which makes the food simple and fast to get out using labor prices than restaurant installments.

Located inside the reaches of London, all of the food is produced by the Ping kitchen. Compared to restaurants, the device is based on the Chinese workforce. The choice of adding means since it expands around approximately 40 locations, the kitchen may grow with the team.

It remains to be seen whether it will be held by Ping Pong product scope back from growth. Dim sum may be recognized in London, but it is far from being a mainstream group. He thinks that his cause will be helped by the achievement of market while Sagiryan takes a lack of consumer understanding is a barrier to expansion currently. More social information about ping pong here:

"We love to specify it as Chinese tapas, which chimes with the cocktail that offers," he states. "Dim sum is a niche, but so was sushi ten decades ago, and look how much a specific brand in that distance has arrived."

Ping Pong established its brand that was state Now just. The arrangement served dim sum alongside many of Chinese road food-inspired pieces, like noodles, noodles, rice bowls and just a hamburger, in a slightly lower price point compared to its full size sibling.

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I suggest a single account with two personalities (though FastMail tends to talk about Identities these days, I find Personalities a better term). FastMail has better support for this than most other mail services, and multiple accounts are less convenient. In setting this up, you will want to look at the following:
  • Using Identities to establish alternative sending addresses, the folder in which emails sent from each address should be stored, and also POP retrieval of mail from secondary email accounts (if you find that more appropriate than forwarding) together with the folder to retrieve the emails into.
  • Rules that can specify the folder incoming emails should be directed to. You will certainly choose to use this to separate business from personal email, but it is also useful to separate known lower priority emails (such as newsletters) from messages that may need immediate attention.
  • The advanced settings for folders specify the Identity that should be used by default when composing emails while browsing the folder. What I have generally done is set up multiple folder hierarchies, specifying the appropriate Identity to be associated with the top folder of each hierarchy and its children.
In my experience, having set this all up correctly, accidentally using the wrong Identity (Personality) during regular email activities is a very rare occurrence.
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Originally Posted by jaytolkte View Post
After a few days' trial I have been impressed enough with FM to subscribe to the Enhanced package, allowing me to escape from gmail.
Welcome to FM and to the forum, Jay, but.... I find what you said fascinating. "Enhanced"? But a plan by that name hasn't been offered for years now. Did you mean Professional and were just being loose about terminology?
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