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Hi Hans, Geir, Liz, Jan etc.

Congratulations on this latest development; it certainly took me somewhat by surprise! This increase in storage space further increases the gulf between Runbox and the competition. I believe that due to recent developments in the webmail industry, storage space has become one of the most critical elements in terms of luring prospective customers. This storage increase really differentiates Runbox from the free offerings and allows Runbox to rightly assert itself as a more flexible and powerful service.

I trust that there will be a number of existing customers who receive little direct benefit from this upgrade; indeed, I was using less than ten percent of my storage allocation prior to the upgrade. However, this upgrade represents a significant stand by Runbox and I believe that it will pay dividends in the coming months.

If nothing else, I think it feels good to be using an email service that really is at the forefront of a crowded email marketplace.

- Henry
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