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Reading between the lines, of the majority of messages posted to this thread, I notice a degree of inaccuracy. I also notice a tendency to unfairly categorise email users -- to put them into boxes.

Low end and low grade, are terms that are being applied to email users who do not use or need a massive amount of resources. While people who use (and sometimes waste) massive amounts of resources, who send and receive many html messages (with huge attachments) are being described as 'power users' Is this a fair and accurate statement?

A power user (by my definition) is a person who carefully explores the resources available -- a power user is someone who completes the task at hand, using only a minimal of resources.

EG: Do you choose to mail a link to your files, so that they can be downloaded from an ftp site, or do you send the file as a huge email attachment?

The level of account, that I see being referred to as 'low grade' and 'low end' is actually what I consider to be a high grade account.

Newbi users will often throw money into high cost (high capacity) accounts, with unlimited bandwidth and storage.

Newbi's just want to have no limits, mostly because they have no clue on how to manage their mail, with a minimal of resources.

I say the above in contrast to what 'Trip said earlier
that users on cheaper plans usually put more of a load on support than do users paying more money. Newbies tend to pay the least for something they use very little
Low resource users (imo) are the real power users and they often purchase the cheapest plans. They are most often the ones who send and receive the most amount of smaller messages

Size is not everything Neither is biggest always best (email style)
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