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Originally Posted by filbert View Post
I'm struggling to think of any real advantages of POP over IMAP... I'd be interested to hear what they might be.
From my point of view I would say that it all depends on how you want to work with your email. I personally prefer IMAP, but POP does make some things easier such as:
  1. Removing mail from the server after it is downloaded or automatically after a specified period of time.
  2. Allowing you to use email plans that have less storage if you are automatically removing the mail from the server.
  3. With our "POP from folder" feature you can set up multiple POP accounts in an email client all from a single Runbox account and they will appear to have their own Inbox. This is particular useful with programs such as Outlook which doesn't support aliases very well (or at all in some opinions) when used with a single IMAP account. We actually use POP from folder ourselves for some of our internal systems.
I'm not saying you can't do any of the above with IMAP in one form or another, but we know some customers prefer POP for some or all of the reasons above.
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