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Originally Posted by Glendon CDN View Post
Odd post from Runbox. Direct Messages are possible only to users who follow oneself or if a user has agreed to accept all messages. Runbox has not done so, Thus any any attempt to register the way is blocked.
A mea culpa of sorts here.The problem sending a Direct Message may be app specific and rest with my preferred Twitter app, Tweetbot.. On a whim this morning, I tried the "official" Twitter app on macOS as well as Twitterific in iOS [all of which I rarely use, preferring Tweetbot] and Runbox pops-up as a valid recipient for a new DM. It's particularly strange that I can start a new DM exchange with other Twitter users who follow me or have accounts set to open to receive messages from anyone. I will advise the people at Tapbots, developers of Tweetbot of this oddity.

Meanwhile, Runbox did respond to me that they are still working through the existing list of applicants to participate in the beta; no indication of how long that will take.
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