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Not a success. I can no longer send email. Borked "whois" broke domain email hosting.

I can no longer send out email from my custom domain because the webmail interface is reporting "The ownership of the domain you are sending from has not been verified. Please make the required MX changes and check your domain's status under Account > Email Hosting and try again."

However, under "Account > Email Hosting" it is reporting that my domain is "Rejected (Non-existent domain)" ... but the "[Whois]" link on the same page brings up the result "Error: Could not retrieve Whois information"

I'm not sure if it's just me seeing this problem, or anybody with a .CA domain with email hosted at Runbox (am I the only one?) or anybody with a custom domain with email hosted at Runbox, but this is a blocker. Can you please fix ASAP? Thanks!
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