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Originally Posted by Berenburger View Post
Any preference, Fred?
Currently I have 15 domains registered, and 9 of them are with Gandi.

The domains at Gandi are one's that I intend to hold on to for the longer term, Gandi is more expensive than other registrars but they include mailboxes (using Roundcube and SOGO).

A few years ago, up until 2017, they offered 5 x 1GB mailboxes per domain, then changed it to 2 x 3GB mailboxes. But because I already had my domains/mailboxes, they changed my 5 x 1GB to 5 x 3GB per domain.

So there at Gandi, with all my domains, I have multiple mailboxes - each with multiple GB storage and aliases.

So, quite cost effective in that respect.

As for the other registrars I use, they're mainly used for domains I may want for a shorter time - I may keep domains for longer or ditch after a year.
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