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Originally Posted by JeremyNicoll View Post
It's not clear what you mean by "within my own account it is possible to download an entire folder".
My query was about the Files component of my FM account.

By "within my own account" I meant logged in to my account in a browser session. The actions I was trying to make were within the Files component of my FM account. The FM Files interface permits websites to be created via which guests can access the contents of the folder a website refers to.

No, nothing to do with emails. Yes, download a folder containing numerous files.

Regarding cloud storage and whatnot, I don't have accounts with providers of such services. If I recall correctly, FM's Files service was created before many of these were commonly available.

I think, but I'm not sure, FM maintains user account Files as a legacy feature. It couldn't do what I wanted it to this time, but otherwise it is pretty cool. Sharing photo galleries and being able to have others upload files to a given folder has from time to time proven quite useful.

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