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Originally Posted by Mr David View Post
In my initial post to this thread I did not mention that within my own account it is possible to download an entire folder.
It's not clear what you mean by "within my own account it is possible to download an entire folder".

Do you mean that when using the webmail system you can download an entire folder /of emails/?

Or do you mean you have a way to download a folder of arbitrary data files?

As for not being able to download a folder full of files in one operation with a browser... I don't think I've ever used a general-purpose website that allowed that. It's only possible if the person who created the website has also provided a single file (zipped or tarred or whatever) that contains the files.

Non-general-purpose sites, eg cloud storage providers, CDNs etc may well offer that sort of facility - but for them upload and download of collections of files is their whole raison d'Ítre.
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