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Originally Posted by xyzzy View Post
Slightly off topic but I just want to verify is that require list you show is with fcc edited out? If not then I am curious why FM's sieve always is generating it for me since I don't have anything that would require it.
Yes, I manually removed fcc from the require list.

Also what's the effect of \\flagged? I searched for it and while I keep finding examples of it I am curious what it's effect is?

I think I found it in rfc3501 section 2.3.2.
Yes, it is the main user-settable IMAP flag. FastMail present this flag in their web UI as pinned messages.

Anyway, I have a further update. I removed all the addheader commands from my live FastMail copy of the Sieve script, and it's still not setting any flags. Copy the same script into the Sieve tester and it claims it will add the flag.

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