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Sieve:addflag command not working

Hi there,

It's been ages since I've posted here, but I'm wondering about FastMail's implementation of Sieve's addflag command for flagging messages with IMAP standard flags. I have recently reworked my Sieve script to try and use addflag with a view to using them with the new saved search feature.

But it looks like addflag only works on messages filed to INBOX, because I see no evidence of flags being set on the majority of my messages, which are filed to various mailboxes (based on an elaborate subdomain and address naming convention I have going). However, today I noticed that some of the very few messages that get filed into the top-level INBOX do have flags set.

So does anyone know how, with a Sieve script on FastMail, to conditionally add IMAP flags to messages and have them filed into specific mailboxes? What am I missing? I haven't studied every line of the relevant RFCs, but I saw nothing that said that addflag should be restricted to the INBOX.

Does anyone else have a Sieve script doing anything like this?
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