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Originally Posted by TenFour View Post
I'm sure Fred will respond too, but he is saying that! You can leave your domain hosted at Gandi, then change the MX records and possibly setup SPF and DKIM too, and have your email handled by Fastmail, both sending and receiving. In fact, I would recommend in most cases keeping your domain hosted at a separate company from where your email is hosted just in case, God forbid, the email service company goes down or out of business. You could then quickly change the settings at Gandi and be up and running at another email service provider quite quickly. Or, in the more likely scenario, you just find you don't like the email service for one reason or another you can more easily make the switch to another provider in a matter of minutes. It often takes a day or two at least to switch domain hosts.
That's great. Thanks TenFour. I don't know how to change all those records in Gandi but I hope to learn how to do it
I suppose that it's possible with the email accounts (creating new identities in Fastmail), but not with the aliases in those accounts.
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