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Originally Posted by evilquoll View Post
When I entered my debit card details (UK Visa Debit card) the card was declined, even though the payment was only $40 (20 by the time it reached my account). Fortunately I was able to pay by PayPal instead, but this should not have happened.

(And there was an error on one of the pages; the dates were in American format. Surely, as a multi-national company of some 15 years' standing, Fastmail should know by now that if you must use all-numeric dates, International format is the only one suitable for world-wide use?)
I had similar issue so I filed a support request, CVV of my card was being rejected by Fastmail. After quite a few messages, Fastmail rep gave me a link where I made 'direct' payment; After making the payment I informed them and my account was updated immediately.Try raising a ticket as suggested by Bill.
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