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Well, the phenomenon has just occurred again, five minutes ago. The cartoon robot is looking very unhappy. Does this betoken some malfunction at Gmail, or can it safely be ignored as long as mail is flowing in and out (which so far seems to be the case)?

But what has happened to EMD? Not a single comment or helpful reply to a thread and query regarding an anomaly at the largest email provider on the planet (if I am correct that Gmail is that)? Is EMD no longer the place to go to ask if anyone else is experiencing the same difficulty or to seek an explanation? (Or perhaps everyone else here has decided to join a certain member who shall be nameless and put me on the 'ignore' list, so my queries have gone unread -- Including, therefore, this one, of course?)

Even without such a pessimistic and unlikely flight of fancy, It is very dispiriting. I am both surprised and disappointed.

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