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Google has never supported their forum here at EMD. Edwin (owner of EMD) doesnít visit any more. That doesnít make these forums unimportant. If you donít think they are useful just donít read them.

As far as FastMail is concerned, the founders posted here often when their company was very small. They are much larger today and this forum is not the proper location for them to provide customer support. They have a staff dedicated to resolving customer support tickets. The CEO of FastMail (Bron Gondwana) has made a number of posts this year, and the latest was two months ago.

If you look at their leadership team at, you will find that half of that team (4 out of 8) have each made over 1,000 posts to EMD. Rob Mueller has made over 6,000 posts. But these are company leaders who donít now have the time or inclination to spend time here. Do you expect the leaders of Google or Yahoo to spend time on this forum? Fastmail isnít that large, but they have grown far too large to rely on this forum. That doesnít make the forum obsolete. If Edwin followed your suggestion I guess he could delete all posts older than a few months in all sub forums, since they are ďout of dateĒ.

Message boards like EMD are not very popular. I doubt a single friend, work colleague, or family member of mine has ever read a post here. Itís a left-over from 1980ís message boards.
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