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Superficially, I'm impressed with what I've seen so far. Few questions:

1) Does use any public keyrings, such as So that if a non-fencemail user publishes their public key somewhere, fencemail will find it?

1.1) If not, suppose I'm not a fencemail user, but I want to send a message to two fencemail users. Do they each have to add my public key to the keyring, or is it a shared public keyring so that my key only needs to be added once? I don't see a fencemail equivalent of, where outsiders can supply their public keys so that encryption "just works" for fencemail users who correspond with outsiders.

2) If a fencemail user downloads their mail over IMAP, is the payload PGP-encrypted? IOW, do they need to export their private key from fencemail and then import it locally?

3) Why does use non-free javascript? Why is it blocked by the LibreJS tool?

4) Why is First name and Last name required? Streetwise users don't give their real names, so you immediately put them in a position of making a false statement. It would be more appropriate to make these fields *optional* during registration, and changeable thereafter.

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