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disturbing development

Originally Posted by communicant View Post
Recent cc's sent to VFEmail as part of messages sent elsewhere from have been received in the VFE account's spam folder. I wonder why.
Further to the above, I looked carefully at the headers of the message marked "spam" at VFE, and then found some troubling material via search engine.

• -10 (SSL-TLS-connection-OK)
• -10 (SPF pass)
• 25 (Blocked IP-Country HU (INVITECH MEGOLDASOK ZRT.))
• 17 (DNSBL: neutral, xxxxxxxxxxxx listed in
• 20 (Regex: bombRe 'PB 20: for penis' bombRe: 'penis')
• -10 (SSL-TLS-connection-OK)
• -10 (SPF pass)
• 25 (Blocked IP-Country HU (INVITECH MEGOLDASOK ZRT.))
• 17 (DNSBL: neutral, xxxxxxxxxxxx listed in
• 20 (Regex: bombRe 'PB 20: for penis' bombRe: 'penis')

--> NOTE TO EMD MODERATORS -- the word 'penis' was used in an academic medical context !!

Some further searching revealed that:

"ZRT is a CLIA certified lab that provides the service of collecting and analyzing specimen samples. You will be submitting health information and ordering tests for informational purposes only. ZRT has a contracted licensed physician who will review your request and authorize the testing service you are purchasing.

"Invitech Megoldasok Zrt., Szigetszentmiklós, IPTV playlist ...
IPTV M3U playlist provider Invitech Megoldasok Zrt., Hungary the country, the region Pest County, the city of Szigetszentmiklós, posted snyper86.Hungary

Invitech Megoldások Zrt short credit report, official company ...
Invitech Megoldások Zrt. Company name. Invitech Megoldások Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság. According to Crefoport s.r.o.'s credit report database the Invitech Megoldások Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság registered in Hungary."

This is clear evidence that the text of the message was scanned at some point and a word flagged for content, which apparently indicated at the VFE end that the message was spam, but which also somehow invoked a Hungarian medical lab and a credit reporting database. (Nothing in the message concerned medical testing or the need for it, and nothing about credit or financial matters, let alone anything involving a "playlist"! This is beyond bizarre.)

Does either or now scan the content of messages?

What on earth does this mean? And what does reference to a "blocked IP" mean in this context?

This is very disturbing. Eumx and VFE are not shady providers. I have trusted both for years.

This has knocked me for a loop. Any ideas, analysis, speculation? I am at a loss as to how to regard this development. I suppose I'll send a copy to Rick Romero and to Fabule, but I ask the help of the forum in trying to figure this out, if at all possible.

Many thanks.
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