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Stunningly bad privacy law just passed in Australia - what does it mean for FastMail?

So a remarkably short-sighted, overreachingly invasive -- and some are calling it "dangerous" and "disastrous" -- privacy/encryption law just passed in Australia, and I am very interested in what it might mean for FastMail? Not to mention the ramifications and direction for the rest of the Five Eyes countries, the whole industry, and frankly the entire Internet.

I'm hoping FM will post something soon about it, as it has when other similar things have come up in the past. Although, this has to be the very worst of this kind of legislation I've seen from a democratic country.

I can't even begin to express the myriad of issues this presents... better to leave it to the press to explain in case you've missed it:

Australian Government Passes Contentious Encryption Law

Australia passes controversial anti-encryption law that could weaken privacy globally

Australia's 'Disastrous' New Encryption Law Throws Privacy on the Barbie

Google, Apple, Facebook face world-first encryption laws in Australia

Tech companies slam new Australian law allowing police to spy on smartphones

Controversial anti-encryption laws rushed through by Australian Government
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